Are you getting a return on investment from your Computerized Maintenance Management System?

Written by Kathia Cervantes

The answer starts with discerning if the right decision-makers are reviewing the data coming from your system, recognizing if such data is incomplete or erroneous, and evaluating if your output reports are being effective. Additionally you should consider whether you are using your system's full capabilities, and if your staff is fully aware of everything that your CMMS can do.

Are you able to keep all the records you need within the system? Can you identify failure trends? Will the system match your company's needs in the future?

So, how do you avoid living in CMMS limbo? Ideally, before implementation.

Choosing a CMMS that will match your applications is KEY, as well as planning your data collection, data load, work processes, output reports, short, defining what you want to get out of the system before anything goes into it. 

Unfortunately, in many cases, these gaps become visible only after the system is already in use. In this case, it is important to understand that the longer you wait for a cleanup/revamp of your system, you are accumulating missed opportunities to drive value from your it, along with increasing man-hours of valueless data input.

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