Are you optimizing your asset criticality ranking?

Written by Jesse Cunningham

While asset criticality rankings provide your maintenance team with data for the development of maintenance strategies, work order prioritization, and risk management it should not be viewed solely as a tool of maintenance. Criticality rankings have cross-functional benefits and impacts throughout an organization including production/operations, EHS, supply chain/warehousing,capital expenditures, and future budgeting decisions.

Determining the correct asset criticality ranking strategy for a business requires input from all the stakeholders in the business. Maintenance history, MTBF, EHS impacts, spares lead-time, asset replacement value, customer impact, cost of failure, and the ability to isolate/recover from single-point-failures are just a few of the factors to account for when implementing an asset criticality ranking.

Creating a matrix to determine asset criticality in a Computerized Maintenance Management System is a crucial step in implementing a CMMS, and a fresh eyes approach can provide insight into gaps within a system that has been utilized for years.

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